The spin on Honda's VTX1800 monster twin is a styling theme that Honda calls "neo-retro." Essentially that means a new (neo) take on something from the past (retro).

The 1800N's look, which debuted on the Rune, creates a massive appearance, thanks to wide fenders that curve around the wheels, following their curve rather than flaring outward like more conventional fender designs. The fender join the broad-shouldered frontal cross section to define this burly and beautiful beast. It is reminiscent of American motorcycle of the mid twentieth century, which embraced an elegant, full-figured style, but brings something fresh to the party as well.

The VTX1800N is most similar to the popular VTX1800R model, but it has moved beyond the R model's classic American lines. Like R model, the N has cast wheels, and all the VTX1800s except the 1800C get the new "flangeless" fuel tank (that is, a tank without the unsightly bottom seam of the previous models VTX1800s). That significantly cleans up the tank. The chassis and engine are also the same, and a few details, like the headlight are also shared. However, the N (for neo-retro), has a number of unique details, which helps justify its $100 high price than the S (identical to the R but with wire-spoke wheels and a studded saddle).

2004 Honda VTX1800N-SOLD !!!

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